To Train and Educate...

Our proven experience in the ERP market shows that for business software to deliver its full value, end-users must develop the skills and knowledge on how to use it effectively.

Red PENGUiN uses advanced training methods which speed up the learning process, minimize knowledge gaps and ensure that users retain the information they need to perform their work with confidence.

Red PENGUiN Support team includes highly skilled executives who implement flexible programs that deliver the expert training you need to maximize your investment. We offer on and off site training courses, classroom and distance learning sessions, e-learning education, train-the-trainer services, follow-up knowledge assessments and web access to specific Knowledge Bases.

Our methodology provides the ability to easily create user training specific to your processes, track user progress and performance and identify knowledge levels of trainees.

List of indicative services

- On-Site & Remote Training

- Distance learning

- Usage documentation

- Technical documentation

- Parameter setting

- Customization

- System Engineering