About Mobile...

With the significant increase of both mobile smart devices or smartphones and tablets, mobile applications have become part of our daily life as well as a powerful tool in the business enterprise sector. We now have strong and user – friendly mobile devices which tend to replace the conventional laptops and netbooks, providing an increased portability, policy and acquisition cost.

We proceed in accordance with the latest developments in mobile applications, by developing software for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android.

iOS and Android applications design and development

We create innovative custom iOS and Android apps based on your ideas and serving your needs. Our apps are marked by their immaculate design and high functionality, achieved through always incorporating the following characteristics:

- Dynamic app content management

- Original design which complies with the operational system usability rules

- Application tested in all processors of the available devices

- Different layouts for different screen analyses available

- Safe app connection with its backend

- Saving available app space and size (in MB)

- Special data building for better app speed and safety

- Offline mode capability

- Tools for statistical monitoring and analysis

- Social media share (Facebook, Τwitter etc.)