Financial Management

Soft1 ERP includes strong financial management software that is fully integrated with the core functional areas of manufacturing, shipping and receiving, and sales order management. The software capabilities offer full financial visibility into the organization’s payables and receivables with up-to-date access to inventory levels and sales forecasts. Thus accounting personnel and executive staff can access in real-time all financial data that facilitate highly informed business decisions.

Soft1 financial management software functionality includes comprehensive tools for managing all aspects of accounting transactions, budget management, multi-currency transactions, revenue recognition and management, account allocations, taxation, financial reporting, and compliance management.

In addition, the financial management software supports full audit capabilities to provide complete backwards and forward traceability to each and every transaction.

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The Sales module of the Soft1 software is ideal for any type of business and allows for the optimization of procedures that pertain to sales. It offers task automation and flexibility based on individual needs, leading to increased sales, lower sales cost and more profitable customer relations.

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Supply Chain Management

Soft1 ERP delivers strong supply chain management functionality, providing full oversight of materials, information and finances as they move in a process from quote-to-cash. No matter what kind of business you run, Soft1 SCM provides you with the flexibility you need to quickly and affordably adapt to market changes, capitalize on new opportunities and improve perfect order rates.

Our SCM software fully supports the management and movement of raw materials, work-in-process inventory and finished goods from origin to the ultimate point of consumption.

Now, you can simplify the purchasing and receiving processes, address demands by keeping at the same time your inventory lean, know what your customers want now and plan for what they’ll want next.

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Production Management

Soft1 ERP provides the necessary functionality for today's manufacturers to accurately model and plan production, respond quickly to changing customer demands and integrate with suppliers and other systems.

Soft1's Production Management can accurately handle all critical procedures that pertain to production. It allows for the careful and exact handling of supplies - based on real client demands, as well as the full modeling of relations with suppliers, factories, warehouses, employees and cost centers.

Soft1 Production Management software provides visibility and control to all main production processes, as well as integrated audit controls to meet the most rigorous compliance requirements. It allows detailed procurement planning with MRP based on actual customer demand and full modeling of suppliers, plants, warehouses, work & cost centers.

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Business Intelligence

Soft1 applications incorporate ready-to-run scenarios of business intelligence, to better process and exploit corporate data, regardless of a company's size.

The Soft1 software utilizes the award winning QlikView application that is used by more than 15.000 customers in more than 100 countries. QlikView's technology with its powerful mechanism of data analysis and procession, is the reason why more and more companies trust it to assist them on making smarter and faster business decisions.

Using the incorporated ready-to-run scenarios of business intelligence, like Stock Analysis, Sales Analysis, Market Analysis, Buying Patterns, Cash Flow etc., Soft1 offers real-time reports, as well as advanced analysis for any requested information.

In the event that the ready-to-run scenarios do not meet the needs of information management, businesses can easily create numerous custom scenarios according to their specific needs.

The special Dashboard forms and the pivot analysis reports that have been developed by SoftOne may also be used, in order to immediately exploit extensive information on Sales, Purchases, Stock and CRM.